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Type of Sunroof
Pop-up Type
Out-sliding Type
Panorama type
In-sliding Type
Major Technology
User-Input Process
State-machine-based S/W Process
Sharing of operation/status of Glass and Rollo by LIN Network
Safety Function: human protection (prevention of human damage) and systematic protection (prevention of motor overheating)
ATS(Anti-Pintch System)
  • Automatically detecting and opening of trap of object at certain section during closing of a sunroof
  • Hall sensor use and motor operation current use
  • Stopping of sunroof operation when a motor is not operated for a certain time during operation of sunroof
S/W Reliability
Self-adapting function
  • The role of adapting to the change in motor performance and deformation of sunroof structure
  • Settings/Application of proper ATS and ATALL value under the operation environment of sunroof(e.g. low temp, high temp, vehicle speed, road condition, and other operations in the vehicle)
Product Reliability – requisite for overseas export
H/W and S/W development for international standard process
  • Developed for A-SPICE standard under ISO26262
  • Documentation of development process (analysis of customer requirement, architecture, test case, etc.)
  • Application of verification tool: tool use for S/W verification (ex. LDRA:S/W static/dynamic test)
Clip of Operating Panorama Sunroof